Heart rate monitor arrived! – Xiaomi Mi Band 2

I finally decided to get back in the gym last night. I think the recent yoga helped with the knee-based confidence.

I got on the travelator (“treadmill”) and decided to stay within my cardio heart rate ‘zone’ (see this post). It was really shockingly accurate. Whenever I thought “shit me, I’m going a bit hard fer a fat lad”, I’d check the monitor and I’d be up at around 155-165, and whenever I’d start to think my breathing was slowing and I was showering my neighbours with slightly less sweat, the monitor would tell me I was in the 120s (my optimal zone is about 120-150).

I only bloody went and did 5KMs! Which isn’t much for normal healthy people, but for my first time back at the gym in a couple of months, I was happy with it. And my legs feel surprisingly normal the next morning.

I think there might be something to this heart rate zone business. We’ll see how I feel tonight.


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