My Fatness, Pal

Started doing MyFitnessPal again (the calorie-counting app mentioned in my list of apps). Might as well go all-in, since I definitely feel better when I do. I’ve set it to lose 0.75kg a week for now. I’ve managed to do it at 1kg a week before, so it should be easy enough. In fact, I feel like I went over-“budget” more when I had it set to only lose 0.5kg a week. Maybe having to be more strict meant that I was more conscious of what I was eating, and made better decisions. We’ll see how this goes, and go from there.


Xiamoi Mi Band 2

I also ordered a heart rate monitor in the form of a Xiaomi Mi Band 2. I did consider a better alternative (with GPS and a kind of always-on mode, where it’s monitoring calories, presumably thanks to some kind of witchcraft chip), but I figured I’d go with the $30 option first, to see how much I use it. The DDP Yoga app links in with bluetooth heart rate monitors to tell you whether you’re in the “fat burning zone” of having your blood pumping, but not over-working to the point where you’ll be exhausted before the workout ends. I’m not sure of the science behind it.

This comment:


from /r/fitness

led me to this PDF (which I’ve archived on this site, just in case it gets taken down.)


from the ACSM’s pamphlet professing the legitness of HRMs

So, there would appear to be some science behind it, rather than it just being snake oil. Judging by comments on the DDP Yoga subreddit, DDP appears to be getting his “zones” based on age from this source. Apparently my max heart rate is 190bpm (if I hit 191 do I go back in time or just die? And how many minutes will I be able to last before my curiosity forces me to find out?), and for the right mix of weight loss and strength, I should be aiming to stay between 60-80% during workouts (114-152bpm). I guess we’ll see how realistic that is when the monitor arrives.


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