Today I still ate like a fatty.

I did the DDP Yoga energy workout. It felt much more like doing yoga than yesterday. I bought a year of the app subscription for about 10,000yen. I’ll check out the normal Diamond Dozen video on the app to see if it’s just basically a warm-up (it seemed more like a slow explanation of each move where you do them once each). But it’s in the schedule as something I’m supposed to be doing. I guess it’s so I know the name of each position without having to crane my neck to look at the screen every time.

DDP Yoga seems to be the physical basics of yoga pushed to a bit more of a workout by the constant reminders to move with dynamic resistance, ie. tensing your muscles and making yourself work for each pose/movement, rather than doing the minimum to get into each pose. I’m not against meditation (I don’t know much about it, honestly) but the only thing going through my head during yoga is listening to what I’m supposed to be doing and trying to balance. I think I’ll save me deep thought sessions for when I’m having a fancy bath.




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