Exactly 7 months of health consciousness day 1 (2016/09/19)

Some facts:

  • Before summer, I was going to the gym regularly, eating better, and was losing weight and feeling… taller. While travelling around the west of Japan, I carried heavy bags and sweated buckets. I expected to roll right back into the gym and keep going strong. I haven’t been to the gym since I got back in mid-august.
  • I’ve fallen back into stopping at combinis on the way to and from work. Knees hurt again, and I’m probably over 101kg again.
  • Kazu’s still in hospital, but both he and Mark have shown interest in getting back into walking regularly.

So I figured I’d give blogging a go, along with keeping a record of attempting to get back into shape. I decided to do this exactly 7 months before we fly to Sydney (short ‘oliday with the in-laws), then on to Melbourne, where we’ll spend several months staring at job websites before deciding that maybe teaching English is great after all. I figured those 7 months would be a nice round number to see what kind of effect this sort of thing can have.

large05I’ve done it before. I’ve stuck to dieting for months at a time. And with winter on the way (sod skiing on dodgy knees. That needs fixing, sharpish,) I reckon I can do it again. Plus, when kimchi nabe is our go-to winter tea (seriously, at least three times a week), staying happy and full on relatively low calories should be easier.

Today I did day 1 of DDP Yoga. Or at least I think I did. It was just examples of each move and it only gets you to do each one once. Surely that’s not an actual workout? Regardless, it was good to do some stretches and get a mild sweat on. The thought of going to the gym and doing actual cardio and weights with this combination of moobs and shoddy knees was unappealing, so I thought I’d at least have a go at fixing the knees.


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