Books! #nowReading


A really cool Twilight Zone-ish (or one of the weirder episodes of Star Trek) sci-fi story. Starts out as “lol isn’t Star Trek weird”, but becomes an interesting strange sci-fi of its own. Like with everything Scalzi writes, most of it is just stating what happens and a lot of talking, followed by “[name] said.” Tolerable in written form but the audiobook was pretty excruciating.
Story: 4/5
Writing style: 2/5

The Name of the Wind
Interesting magic system. Basically a more adult Harry Potter, but set in a world rather than a building. Really enjoyed it.

Gallows Thief
A whodunnit set in… Victorian?… London. Written by the guy who did the Sharpe books.

Leviathan Wakes
Doesn’t have the comedy of Whedon, but it’s the closest thing to a Star Trek/Firefly-esque “tight-knit group of space sailors in a rustbucket” in book form that I’ve found. Loved it.

All You Need is Kill
“Light reading” sci-fi that the new Tom Cruise film (Edge of Tomorrow) is based on. Groundhog Day and exo-suits fighting aliens. That is all. Fun and short.

Now reading: Hounded
Never read anything by Hearne before. The dog is adorable, and the whole thing feels kind of like it was written after Hearne binged on Buffy over the course of two weeks. In a good way.
About a third of the way through and I’ve already added the sequel to my Goodreads list. So far: 5/5


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