My Games of 2013, or lack thereof

Before we started our marathon of awards podcasts and Games of The Year Stuff, here’s the initial list I scratched up of “things that will probably be in the discussion for some sort of awards, or something”. Underlined are the games that I imagine would have been in contention to make my top games of the year. In bold are the games I, at the time of writing in MID-JANUARY, haven’t played enough – or indeed any, in some cases – of, so wouldn’t be able to name them in my top 3 games.

  • The Swapper
  • Divekick
  • Monaco
  • Don’t Starve
  • Gone Home
  • Papers, Please
  • Gunpoint
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Tomb Raider
  • Proteus
  • Kentucky Route Zero
  • Bit Trip Runner 2
  • Speedrunners
  • GTA V
  • Last of Us
  • Device 6
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Brothers
  • ARMA 3
  • Cannon Brawl
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • State of Decay
  • King Arthur’s Gold
  • Arse Pirates
  • The Stanley Parable

As you can see, the crossover of “probably would be one of my games of the year” and “I haven’t played enough of it to, in good conscience, proclaim such a thing” is pretty chunky (6 of 15, to be precise). So rather than write a list that I wouldn’t be happy with, I’ve decided just to play said 6 games and decide once I’m done. And since there are a few nice looking indie games coming out soon, I’d better get on with it.

And yes, I know it’s my own fault for not prioritising what I play. The truth is I buy more games than my free time and appetite for games can handle. If I’m not busy watching basketball or going out for dinner (most of the time it costs more to cook at home than it does to eat out in Japan,  in my experience at least), then I’ll often play an hour or so of something before slipping back into idly browsing reddit and Twitter whilst watching other people play things on YouTube. It’s hardly conducive to prolific consumption of games.

I guess this year I’ll have to just be more selective about what I play. Rather than getting something because it’s cheap and looks OK, I should spend my time playing more of the things I already bought that looked outright good. And maybe that means less NBA 2K14, as much as it pains me to suggest such a thing.


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