So I might start… blogging.

Let me start by saying this in [typo in the first sentence. Seriously] is an entirely selfish endeavour, that will probably last no longer than three days.

I’ve never really “got” blogging. But then I’ve never really got writing a diary, either. I like to (arrogantly and incorrectly, probably) think of myself as someone who does his fair share of in-the-moment self-psychology and meditation. But it also occurs to me that I’m very forgetful – even when it comes to happy things that I obviously want to remember. And I feel the physical stress of having no money more than others at least let on. That’s how I arrived here. I thought that, if I’m so forgetful that I can’t even remember events and meetings and conversations that should stand out in my mind, then how the hell am I supposed to remember little details in the body language of others, or how my wording of a sentence appeared to affect someone I spoke to a week ago? How can I claim to be someone who tries to learn from experience, when I clearly can’t fucking remember my experiences? So, I’ll write. I’ll write to remember, I’ll write to analyse, I’ll write to improve. I also hope to make myself accountable for my spending (something I’ve never, ever been good at is managing money) – I figure if I just write down everything I spent in a day, it might put into perspective just how idiotic I’m being. Because I’m definitely being paid too much at the moment to have nothing in the bank every payday.

And hey, if someone is possibly interested in moving to Japan, or making a games podcast, or being a really shit photographer in one of the most photographable countries in the world, maybe they’ll find the odd sentence helpful or at least slightly interesting.

I’m not sure whether I should post pictures of my friends’ faces here, or whether I should use names? I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing both, at least. Or I won’t be captioning specific photos with names, anyway. Maybe first names are OK?

So, on to what I will be posting. I don’t really know; I might blandly list the things I did in a day, I might post random thoughts or project ideas or any of the myriad other things that pop into my mind but leave and never return just as quickly, I might attempt to comment on news or games or films or books or camera lenses or basketball players or recipes, or I might (and this is far more likely) just completely forget this site exists.

A bit of encouragement occasionally would be appreciated. Not for any sort of any egotistical reasons, but because I might genuinely need a kick up the arse sometimes.


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