Arashiyama, Kyoto (2013/12/26)

Just outside the City Day Pass bus routes (that’s how they get ya), Arashiyama is a nice little touristy village, in a way. The gardens surrounding the main temple (Tenryuuji) are pretty (prettier in spring, I’d expect), and the famous bamboo walkway is part of the paths that go around the hillsides next to the small built-up area. Across the river, you can go up into a monkey park. The monkeys live outside (I’ve been to a “monkey park” that was basically a zoo with small cages in the past) and are fed from a small hut on the secluded hillside. We bought bags of nuts, apple, and sweet potato, and fed them by hand to the eager little buggers through the caged windows of the hut (we were on the inside passing food out, to be clear). They also have regular feeding times by the staff, so while it’s not exactly a completely wild safari, you also don’t get your eyes scratched out by territorial macaques who aren’t used to being around humans.


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