While both have become fully-3D polygonathons in recent times, and survived numerous advances in console technology, the spirit and joy conjured by the Mario and Legend of Zelda series has never wavered. Controls have changed, graphics and character design have (understandably) seen major overhauls. The world of “gaming” has changed significantly around these games, but still we flock in numbers to every new release. Something about them reignites the childlike giddiness we felt when we first swung Link’s sword at some innocent shrubbery, or landed our first difficult platform-hop due to Mario’s perfect jump mechanic.

They are, of course, simply fantastic games. But I can’t help but feel the soundtracks and various iconic bleeps and bloops helped create that rainbow-coloured glow that builds up in the pits of our stomachs at the title screen. So here, in short video form, is the evolution of the auditory side of Nintendo’s biggest hitters. And my favourite song from Super Mario Galaxy, because it makes me painfully happy in my soul.


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