WrongPlay: SMITE

The MOBA (urgh, can we change that name?) genre has always intrigued me. I’ve never been one to partake in twitch skill-based competitive games. And before you ask, yes, it’s because I’m awful at them. I’m terrible at counting frames and learning all the possible combinations of characters and moves – like some sort of death-dealing, emotionless robot – in  fighting games, serious racing games make me knee my friends in their respective skulls, and I can’t even bring myself to write more than half a sentence each about Starcraft and Counter-Strike. I’ve always been a talker, see. Whether it’s casually bringing up car crashes mere hours after my friend’s friend had died in one (a memory which still makes me physically cringe every time I’m reminded of it), or when I play my games whilst shouting at strangers on the internet. I can often be found online proudly touting my terrible kill/death ratio as I gesture subtly and attractively to my virtual trophy cabinet of teamwork-garnered  ribbons and medals, rather than spouting words like “leet” and “pwn”.

While the teamwork and communication required to succeed in a MOBA game briefly piqued my interest, the gameplay of games like League of Legends was still far too ClickLikeAMotherfucker(TM) for me, so I carried on whining on the internet for a couple of years about having nothing to play. Since then, games like Super Monday Night CombatAirMech, and Awesomenauts have changed what a MOBA can look and play like.

Which leads me handsomely and No-Dave-You’re-Not-Getting-Chubbily to SMITE. It’s more action-tastic, with weapons that you actually, y’know, swing, and it’s considerably less click-click-clicky. I’ll be throwing more petrol on the tiny flames that are your intriguedness in the coming days, no doubt. But for now, here’s the live-stream of my first attempt. SHUT UP IT WAS MY FIRST GO.


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